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Complete range of Sennheiser business wireless and wired headsets

Sdw 5016 Fa41717a202b4bbb60f7a18a97388387 Sennheiser SDW 5016

The SDW 5016 is a new wireless DECT headset system by Sennheiser

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sennheiser sdw 5015 Sennheiser SDW 5015

The SDW 5015 is a newly released wireless DECT headset system from Sennheiser.

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sennheiser cc520 ip binaural call centre headset SENNHEISER CC520

The Sennheiser CC520 IP Binaural Call Centre Headset comes with wideband audio technology and a ultra-noise cancelling microphone which enables…

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sennheiser cc550 ip call centre headset SENNHEISER CC550

Sennheiser CC550 IP Call Centre headset is an advanced Binaural headset that provides sound to both ears for optimal sound…

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sennheiser hme-dw800 intercom headset SENNHEISER HME-DW800

The Sennheiser HME-DW800 Intercom Headset is the ultimate tool for communications in noisy environments.

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sennheiser mb pro 2 headset SENNHEISER MB PRO 2

The Sennheiser MB Pro 2 is a high end Bluetooth stereo headset that offers incredible wireless sound quality and all…

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sennheiser mb pro 1 headset SENNHEISER MB PRO 1

The Sennheiser MB Pro 1 is a premium Bluetooth headset that delivers excellent wireless sound and all day wearing comfort.

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sennheiser d10 dect SENNHEISER D10 DECT

Sennheiser D10 is a Monaural DECT wireless headset for use with your Softphone/PC. Set up is extremely easy as the…

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sennheiser sc60 binaural usb headset SENNHEISER SC60

Sennheiser SC60 is a USB headset for use with Unified Communications and Skype for Business (SFB). The Binaural design makes…

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sennheiser sc30 SENNHEISER SC30

The SC30 is no exception, equipped with ASP, HD voice clarity and a noise cancelling microphone it offers Sennheiser’s legendary…

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sennheiser sc230 SENNHEISER SC230

Sennheiser SC230 is a call centre standard, Monaural headset.

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sennheiser dw30 pro 2 SENNHEISER DW30 PRO 2

Perfect for users who spend the majority of their day on the telephone in noisy areas, the DW30 Pro 2…

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sennheiser dw20 pro 1 SENNHEISER DW20 PRO 1

The DW20 Pro 1 features Sennheisers HD wideband audio, full noise cancelling microphone and ActiveGard Acoustic Shock Protection.

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sennheiser dw10 SENNHEISER DW10

Sennheiser DW10 office is a lightweight monaural headset designed for everyday use and has two different wearing options: over the…

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sennheiser sc260 binaural SENNHEISER SC260 BINAURAL

Sennheiser SC260 is a proven binaural headset – whether for use in a call centre, or as an office headset.…

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sennheiser century sc 660 wired usb headset SENNHEISER CENTURY SC 660

Sennheiser Century SC 660 Wired USB Headset Durable, Comfortable and Great Sound from Sennheiser

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sennheiser century sc 630 wired usb headset SENNHEISER CENTURY SC 630

Sennheiser Century SC 630 Wired USB Headset Durable, Comfortable and Great Sound from Sennheiser

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