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High Quality Microwave Radio Link Equipment

We offer the best solutions for all radio and satellite communications


Microwave Radio Communication Technology

Fixtel provides high quality microwave radio link equipment and microwave backhaul solutions. For all radio communications and long distance links with satellite communications speak to Fixtel for the best solutions. We will advise on installation and present the right microwave solutions to suit your needs. Our services cover long distance microwave links. KA Band, multiband, satellite solutions, backhaul solutions and teleport services.

Fixtel has access to Australia’s leading manufacturer of communication equipment. EMClarity working with EM Solutions and partnered with CSIRO.The CSIRO is Australia’s national science and technology agency and the inventor of WiFi, and prototype the E10G radio has now engineered the production version which is installed and working in the US supporting ultra-low latency connectivity between Stock Exchange data centres. At Fixtel we are proud to partner with such prestige and cutting edge manufacturers and inventors,. By partnering with Fixtel you will have the best communication solutions available in the world.

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EMClarity E10G E-Band Microwave Radio

Australian made – E10G, worlds lowest latency (layer 2) 5 Gbits. 70 to 80 GHz E-band microwave radio. Our Fixtel team can discuss if this will suit your business needs. Businesses that need no delay in communications network and computer processing speed look for the lowest latency bands. For example, trading companies and financial institutions.

Huawei OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers

Outdoor microwave transmission equipment to extend high-availability broadband networks for buildings.

SIAE ALS Microwave Radio

4 to 42 GHz Microwave System. Packet and Hybrid Configuration. To support multiple access technologies across backhaul networks requiring a transport solution with flexibility. Businesses needing advance network implementations with complex protection and high capacity.

EMClarity Ethermux E1000 Microwave Radio

  • e1000 etherMux® -PtP links
  • Spectrally Efficient Agile Radio – 1200Mbps Capacity
  • Data Rates up to 1200Mbps Full Duplex per Modem
  • Capable of Two Modems per Indoor Unit
  • Hitless Switching
  • Channel Widths: 27.5, 40, 55, 80MHz
  • Frequency Bands: 8, 11, 13, 18, 23GHz
  • Adaptive Modulation QPSK to 256QAM

EMClarity Ethermux E620 Microwave Radio

Great for built up urban and city areas, with up to 10Gbp/s data speeds across long pathways. Easily link the most demanding low latency requirements. Telco grade equipment with state of the art digital system providing 155ns per end latency in layer 2, full FEC and SNMP enabled web interface. This product has many more features – speak to a Fixtel consultant to understand how it can benefit your business.

EMClarity Ethermux E200 Microwave Radio

Ethernet Microwave Terrestrial Links, enabling Wireless Communications of Voice, Data and Multimedia. This product will support data rates from 40Mbit/second to 100Mbit/second. Including pathways over 100kms over water.

SIAE ALFOplus80HD Microwave Radio

This bridges the gap between fibre abd and high capacity systems plus cost effective wireless transmission. No matter whether in a private, fixed or mobile network. ALFOplus80 is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next Generation Millimetre wave radio operating in the E-Band (71-76 GHz – 81-86 GHz). Great solution for extremely high capacity wireless links in city locations in all applications such as backhaul, fronthaul, enterprise and ISP.

Huawei OptiX RTN 900 Hybrid TDM/IP Microwave Transmission Systems

Flexible radio transmission equipment giving microwave links for TDM, IP-based, and hybrid networking. Australian licensed frequency bands in “7/8/11/13/15/18/23/38”GHz and “7/14/28/40/56”MHz channel size.

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