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alcatel 4028 ip touch telephone ALCATEL 4028 IP TOUCH

The Alcatel 4028 is an IP ready telephone with an impressive graphical display and alphanumeric keyboard.

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alcatel 4018 ip touch telephone ALCATEL 4018 IP TOUCH

The Alcatel 4018 is an entry level IP telephone.

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alcatel 4008 ip touch telephone ALCATEL 4008 IP TOUCH

The Alcatel 4008 IP Telephone is the entry phone from the Alcatel 8-series of user friendly IP Touch Telephones.

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alcatel-lucent omnitouch 8082 my ic phone ALCATEL-LUCENT OMNITOUCH 8082

The Alcatel-Lucent Omnitouch 8082 MY IC Phone provides and new and improved way to easily access a variety of hospitality…

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alcatel 8028 ip ALCATEL 8028 IP

The Alcatel lucent 8028 Premium Desk Phone features new and improved wideband audio with easy to use feature and functions.

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alcatel 8038 ip premium desk phone ALCATEL 8038 IP

Alcatel Lucent 8038 IP Premium Desk Phone is designed to meet the needs of both small and mid to large…

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alcatel 8068 ip premium desk phone ALCATEL 8068 IP

Alcatel’s 8068 Premium Desk Phone delivers rich IP communications with wide band audio and user friendly features.

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alcatel 8068bt ip premium desk phone ALCATEL 8068BT IP

Alcatel 8068BT is a Premium IP Desk Phone with an alphabetic keyboard.

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