Sennheiser DW10


Sennheiser DW10 office is a lightweight monaural headset designed for everyday use and has two different wearing options: over the head or over the ear.

The Sennheiser DW10 is a lightweight headset. It can be worn over the head or over the ear. It has wireless DECT technology that prevents interference and gives you freedom to move around without removing the headset. The wideband audio will sound more natural when using this headset.

Sennheiser DW 10, Aus Phone, DECT Wireless Office Headset

DW 10 – AUS PHONE – DW Office – DECT Wireless Office headset with base station, for phone only, USB port for upgrade, convertible (headband or earhook)

DW Office Phone Single-sided DECT headset

Sennheiser high definition voice clarity. It is easy to listen because the sound is wideband and natural. You can wear it in two ways: ear hook or headband. The design is iconic so you will be comfortable when you use it. No background noise because of the noise-cancelling microphone that blocks out all unwanted sounds. You can pair your desk for sharing and phone conferences with others, which is easy to set up and intuitive. ActiveGard technology keeps your hearing safe from acoustic shock while using the microphone mute and volume buttons on the side of the headset to make adjustments, these controls are also intuitive for ease-of-use. Recharge your headset 50% in 20 minutes thanks to Sennheiser

This headset is designed to work with desk phones. It has HD voice clarity for more natural listening experiences. You can choose between an ear hook and headband style. Other features include a noise-canceling microphone that filters out unwanted background noise and a pairing system for shared desk phones and phone conferences that is easy to use.

The ActiveGard™ technology protects your hearing from acoustic shock, the microphone mute button allows you to turn off the mic when you are not using it, and the volume up and down buttons are on the headset making them easy to adjust right away. This device recharges 50% of its battery in 20 minutes so you do not have to keep waiting around for it to charge fully before it can be used again.