High Speed 10-Gigabit Copper Switching


How can small to medium businesses take advantage of 10-Gigabit switching solutions?

With high speed 10-Gigabit copper switching made affordable, it’s not just for large corporations. Data is doubling every year and employees use multiple devices every day, plus with all sized businesses using voice, video and virtual/remote working employees, high-speed connectivity is central to any business success. 10GbE switching offers high-speed support networks that become the backbone of successful communication technology.

As a leading Australian phone system and network installation provider, Fixtel can provide your business with high-speed 10-Gigabit copper switching and 10GbE fibre switch options. High speed switching solutions are now accessible to SMB networks and we can provide switching solutions for Web Managed, Smart Managed and Fully Managed 10GbE Copper switches.


A decade ago the price for a single switch port was prohibitive for SMBs but now the costs have dramatically dropped and switches are marketed specifically for small to medium businesses. 10G ports come in ranges of 8, 12, 16, 24 and 48. Fixtel can provide 10-Gigabit copper switching solutions covering Web Managed, Smart Managed and Fully Managed categories. The benefits include cost-effective support for virtualised workplaces, leveraging existing Cat 5/6 copper cabling investments and top of rack deployment capabilities.

One of the reasons SMBs did not previously adopt 10GbE connectivity is that it needed expensive fibre-based technology to support the network backbone. And it also required virtual servers, storage and data centre capabilities. With the development of 10GBASE-T copper solutions and data centre environments, these high speed capabilities are now accessible and affordable for small to medium businesses. Plus in conjunction with advances in reducing copper latency and power consumption, using this technology saves money.


  • ProSAFE 8-port 10-Gigabit Web Managed (Plus) Switch (XS708Ev2)
  • ProSAFE 16-port 10-Gigabit Web Managed (Plus) Switch (XS716E)
  • ProSAFE 8-port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (XS708T)
  • ProSAFE 12-port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (XS712T)
  • ProSAFE 16-port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (XS716T)
  • ProSAFE 28-port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (XS728T)
  • ProSAFE 48-port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (XS748T)
  • ProSAFE 24-port 10-Gigabit Copper M7100 series Managed Switch (XSM7224)


Now that it is affordable for SMBs to upgrade and use the 10 Gigabit network why should they? With digital working environments in functions such as sales, service, support and a fast and reliable network is needed. Data use doubles each year and traffic is only increasing on networks, not to mention the applications run on networks – it is critical to businesses they future proof their network to remain competitive. Even improvements like cloud technology and server virtualization increase pressure on the network. Upgrading to the 10G network core will keep congestion on an ever-increasing network from interfering with business growth. In addition, the upgrade is affordable and greatly improves employee productivity and customer response time. Which means it not just a ‘future proof’ benefit but a tangible and immediate improvement to your business.


The whole network does not need to be upgraded at once, you can start with core switches used to connect the access switches together and then connect your servers. We can advise on how many ports you may need like 10gbe switch 8 port for example. If redundancy is a concern then having two core switches stacked together provides strong network foundation and extra performance.

With the core switches upgraded to 10G, the key access switches and servers can migrate and connect to the new core switches. This means an immediate performance improvement in the central and critical part of your network. With the 10GBase-T ports backwards compatible with 10GbE Fiber Switch Options. Multiple deployment solutions are available including a choice of full fibre and fibre uplink configuration switches.

Find out more about 10-Gigabit and how your business can grow using this technology.

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