Managed IT Service Canberra

Let us Manage your IT Services in Canberra, ACT. We build IT Solutions that are suitable for your business


No matter what industry you are operating in, you will be dependent on IT systems to some extent. This is especially the case if you have a significant office based work force where computers and phones are in constant use.

But such IT systems are difficult to keep running smoothly and your staff will regularly encounter issues that require the help of a dedicated support team. The more phones and computers you have, the larger that team will need to be.

Having such a team in-house has it’s advantages, but this comes at a significant cost. First, you have to hire people, and constantly keep them trained on the latest technical changes. Then you have to factor in salaries, holidays, sick pay and superannuation.

One of the most significant costs that many business owners forget is the cost of providing the office space. Canberra’s central business district is one of the hottest commercial property markets in the country. Suburbs like Barton and Yarralumla have seen double-digit price increases. But even designated business areas like Monaro Industrial Park come at a significant premium.

When you have added up all those costs and factor in the time and effort to keep such a support organisation running, then you realise that outsourcing is indeed a viable option. At Fixtel, we have a team of fully trained desktop support staff and engineers to help with all your IT problems. Just contact us today for a detailed analysis of your requirements.


Outsourcing your IT support and management comes with significant benefits:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) fully tailored to your requirements
  • Take advantage of remote and on-site support
  • IT engineers available for advanced hardware and software issues
  • Fixed costs at hourly, daily, monthly and annual rates
  • 24/7 up-time monitoring of crucial business systems
  • Servicing and monitoring of all your IT infrastructure
  • Organise and manage office relocations
  • Convenient online support tickets for faster access
  • Installation and servicing of business grade Internet access
  • Network security protection and bandwidth monitoring
  • Access to a dedicated IT account manager

As a leading Australian owned and operated IT service provider our team at Fixtel has specialised in supporting organisations of all sizes in Canberra and across the country. You will be taking advantage of the fastest response times as well as first call resolutions that are industry leading.

Contact one of our IT management advisers today to find out how you can improve your organisation.


Keeping all your IT systems running smoothly will also make you reliant on service

  • Upgrades to the latest and fastest business Internet connectivity
  • Multi-site connections through dedicated fibre optic channels
  • Layout and installation of new office cabling
  • Integration of VoIP phone systems that reduce your phone bills
  • Hardware failures can be repaired onsite by trained engineers
  • Remote access to your office systems though secure VPN
  • Cisco network equipment implementation for fast and secure connections
  • Wi-Fi access point planning for a flexible workplace
  • Cloud based automatic backup and secure data storage
  • Desktop and server support including Office 365


We provide essential desktop support to small, medium and even large businesses across Australia:

  • All desktop software problems dealt with effectively
  • Improved speed and performance for operating systems
  • Protection of networks against attacks
  • Network performance optimisation
  • Auditing of all systems to ensure optimum set up at all times
  • Automatic cloud backup systems to reduce risk of data loss
  • Servicing of IP phone systems to ensure consistent quality of service
  • Specialist enterprise systems maintenance
  • Process from opening support ticket to onsite repair fully covered by one provider


For a fully integrated one-stop-shop IT management solution, you can also avail of:

  • Graphical design services for websites and other online presences
  • Domain name registration and web-hosting
  • Anti-virus scanning and spam filters
  • Advice on IT investment strategies for optimum results
  • Servicing and maintenance of all servers for better performance levels
  • Linux server support and installation
  • Implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions


Setting up and running an in-house IT support team is time consuming and very costly on your operating budget. But the main concern regarding outsourcing for most businesses is the loss of response times and fast problem resolution.

With Fixtel’s 24/7 desktop support team you can take advantage of the fastest response times in the industry. As well as effective resolution of al queries, whether you have 1 desktop unit or 50,000 spread out over multiple sites and locations.

When you combine the multiple different services on offer into one fully integrated solution, you will gain a huge amount of operating efficiencies. You will have one contact point for all IT issues, knowing that Fixtel will solve the problem, including coordinating onsite hardware repairs when necessary.

This allows you to focus on your business productive processes, while at the same time reducing your operating costs. Over more than 25 years, we have gained the trust and loyalty of clients in Canberra, across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. A trust that has resulted in a client retention rate that is second to none.