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Create More Efficient IT Operations With Darwin’s Leading Managed IT Service

All businesses these days have a certain amount of reliance on IT and telecoms equipment. While it can vary a lot how much you depend on efficient IT systems, one thing is certain: those IT systems will not take care of themselves. In order to ensure that all your business critical technology is reliable and effective, you need the help of a dedicated IT support team. However, there are significant operating costs involved with running such a team.

You have to hire and constantly train these staff members. And then there are salary, sick pay, holidays and superannuation to factor in. But your costs don’t end there. One of the biggest costs of hiring staff is providing adequate office space. And in Darwin, commercial real estate prices have been seeing some very drastic increases. Not only the inner city business district, but also popular suburbs like Bay View, Stuart Park and Fannie Bay will command high premiums for office rentals.

For small and medium business owners, a dedicated in-house IT support team is not going to be that feasible. But even large businesses end up having to spend a lot of money, time and resources to keep their IT systems fully operational. A far more hassle free solution is to outsource such services to Fixtel’s managed IT solutions. With our dedicated team of support staff and engineers, you can make sure that all your IT problems are dealt with fast and effectively.

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Benefit You Can Expect With Managed IT Solutions

Here just a few of the main benefits you can expect to see when outsourcing your IT services:

  • Combine remote and on-site support staff
  • Fix your IT support costs at annual, monthly, daily or hourly rates
  • Individualised Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Trained engineers supporting complex hardware and software problems
  • Maintenance of all computing and networking hardware
  • Log support tickets online for faster contact
  • 24/7 monitoring of your most important business systems
  • Identify threats to your network security as well as bandwidth issues
  • Full support for office equipment relocations
  • Ability to contact a dedicated IT manager
  • Business ADSL Internet connections installed and optimised

Fixtel is Australian owned and operated plus our managed IT solutions team has the capability to work with organisations of all sizes across Darwin and the rest of Australia. With exceptionally fast response times and effective problem resolution, you will reduce downtimes to a minimum.

Pick up the phone today and speak with a business IT consultant to find out how much you can improve your support services.

Network, Data Storage And Telecommunication Services

Because issues can arise with any of your IT hardware or network systems you will also want to consider:

  • Planning and installation of newest high-speed Internet access
  • Connect multiple sites through fibre optic cabling
  • Design and implementation of data and phone cabling
  • Implementation of IP phone systems that drastically lower phone bills
  • Isolation of hardware failures with on-site repairs
  • Secure VPN access to office systems from remote locations
  • Consultation of Cisco network devices
  • Wireless access points to create a more modern and flexible workspace
  • Full Windows server support along with Office 365
  • Secure backup facilities and data storage in cloud based systems

Desktop Support Services

Fixtel’s team of desktop support staff will provide a complete solution to reduce downtime:

  • Fast resolution of desktop hardware and software issues
  • Speed up performance of desktop operating systems
  • Network security to prevent and identify vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring and servicing of all servers and network equipment
  • Automatic offsite backups and data storage for better disaster recovery
  • IP phone support to ensure reliable and high quality voice connections
  • Support for enterprise software solutions
  • One service provider brings you a process to identify and fix all IT problems

Additional Services You Can Take Advantage Of

To further reduce the number of companies you have to deal with you can also avail of further services:

  • Domain registration and high speed web hosting
  • Web design for new and existing business websites
  • Consultation to make sure you get the most out of your IT budget
  • Virus protection and spam filtering
  • Specialised Linux server integrations
  • Monitoring and upgrading of server equipment
  • Improved customer relationship management systems

Get the Most From your Business With Darwin’s Leading Managed IT Provider

Implementing effective in-house IT support teams is a large undertaking no matter how big your company is. These are significant investments in operating costs and the amount of time involved in making sure such teams stay on top of the latest technology trends.

By partnering with Fixtel’s managed IT support team you can take advantage of a fully set up 24/7 service that is ready to deal with your IT issues straight away. You get an out of the box solution that can deal with organisations from 1 desktop unit to 50,000 units in size.

Once you fully take advantage of all the additional services on offer, you will have the complete benefit of only ever having to coordinate with one service provider. We take all your support calls and have the capability to solve problems remotely and through on-site service calls.

With over 25 years of experience and clients in Darwin, across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, you will partner with a company that puts your IT needs first. Just pick up the phone today and speak with one of our advisers how your business can streamline its IT support.

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