Managed IT Service Gold Coast


Businesses of all sizes have very unique challenges when it comes to managing their IT support. But there is one challenge that all organisations share: supporting their staff and IT equipment when it comes to technical issues and failures. The more reliant your company is on IT and telecommunications equipment, the more support staff you will need. This comes at significant costs, when you have to account for salaries, sick pay, holidays and superannuation. And then there is the cost of providing office space.


Outsourcing all your IT servicing needs to a manage IT provider brings significant benefits to your business:

  • Option of remote and on-site support staff for more flexibility
  • Fix your IT management costs at yearly, monthly, daily or hourly rates
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that provide you with exactly what you need
  • Maintenance of all types of IT systems using qualified engineers
  • Monitoring of systems to ensure consistent smooth running
  • Log support tickets in a convenient online system for faster access
  • 24/7 monitoring and servicing options available for critical business software and hardware
  • Proactive network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities
  • Office relocation planning and rewiring solutions
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Business ADSL Internet access for faster and more reliable connections

When you partner with Fixtel for your IT support requirements you immediately gain the confidence of a smoother IT operation. Your team at Fixtel will serve your business interests and ensure that all support requests are answered fast and with a quick solution. With 25 years of experience we are able to provide the fastest and most effective response times in the industry.

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For businesses located in or around the Gold Coast, the cost of office space can become a very large expense. Waterfront areas like Main Beach, Southport, Surfers Paradise and Mermaid Beach have long been some of the most expensive places in all of Australia. And the central business district has seen skyrocketing commercial rents as well. Once you add up all those costs you quickly end up with a sizeable operating expense. And you have to spend time and resources to get support teams set up and fully trained. For many small and medium size businesses that is simply not an option, but even large companies can put their IT support budgets to much better use.

With Fixtel’s growing team of fully trained professional support staff and engineers you can quickly have your IT systems managed by an industry leading service provider. All your IT service needs can be covered by one provider, from the initial raising of a ticket to physical on-site hardware repairs.


Support for your IT infrastructure involves more than just having desktop support:

  • Installation of latest ADSL business Internet connections
  • Dedicated point to point fibre optic connections
  • Installation of IP phone systems to reduce your phone costs
  • Full network cabling solutions including design
  • Consulting on Cisco network solutions
  • All hardware issues can be resolved on-site
  • VPN connections to get secure access to your business systems outside the office
  • Planning and integration of WiFi access points
  • Securely store data and backups in cloud storage
  • Full support for Windows operating systems 7 and upwards, including Office 365


Despite being located off-site, Fixtel’s desktop support team can easily provide help for:

  • All desktop software issues including Office, file management and email
  • Optimising speed and performance of software to improve productivity
  • Network monitoring to identify issues before they cause downtime
  • Security to prevent internal and external threats
  • Updating and servicing of IT hardware to prevent failures
  • Convenient backup automation to avoid loss of critical information
  • IP phone system maintenance for better voice communication quality
  • Monitoring of all software to ensure latest security patches are installed
  • All enterprise software and communications under a unified support system
  • From support call to software and hardware repairs, everything is handled by one company


In order to give you a complete service package for all your IT needs, you can also opt for additional services:

  • Domain name registration and website hosting
  • Email spam filters and anti-virus protection
  • Consulting on IT investments to make the most of your hardware budget
  • Updates and upgrades to server equipment
  • Design and redesign of web services to ensure best customer experience
  • Linux server maintenance and integration
  • Implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) software

Call us today and speak with one of our technicians to find out exactly what services will best suit your needs.


The most vital factors for any IT support team are the speed of access and a fast problem resolution. This is measured in the average time to answer a support call and percent of first call resolutions. When you have any kind of IT problem you simply cannot afford the downtime from any delays.

With Fixtel’s 24/7 support options your business can take advantage of industry leading speed of access and resolution. We have highly trained support staff and a team of engineers available to deal with even the most complex issues.

Fixtel is an Australian owned and operated specialist IT company and we have many loyal clients in the Gold Coast, all over Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. With the ability to work with organisations from 1 to 50,000 desktop units your business cannot be too big or too small.