Managed IT Service Perth


At the best of times businesses of all sizes will struggle to keep up with advances in the IT industry. There are constantly evolving technologies that provide more productivity and protection from malicious threats. Keeping your IT systems running and performing at optimum levels will require a team of support staff. These are trained IT professionals that can answer calls from your staff about everything from problems with their desktop computers to Internet and phone connectivity issues.

But having such a team on-site is a significant expense for your operating budget. You have to factor in the hiring and training of these staff. Then there is the salary, holiday and sick pay as well as superannuation. As a business resident of Perth you will also be all too familiar with the high prices of renting office space, which you will need if you employ your own desktop support team. The central business district is always going to come at a premium. But popular suburbs like Subiaco, Scarborough, Morley, Fremantle and Willetton have seen rental prices sore in the last ten years.

Calculating the total cost of an in-house support team can quickly make you realise how much of your IT budget could be taken up. For many small and medium size businesses that’s simply not going to be an option. That’s exactly where Fixtel can provide you with cost effective, efficient solutions that are very fast to implement. With our growing desktop support team you can outsource all of your IT support and management needs with one single service provider. It will save you a lot of money and hassle, helping your business to operate far more effectively.


As soon as you have your desktop and IT support set up with Fixtel your business will benefit from:

  • Custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to make sure you get the best results
  • IT management costs are fixed at hourly, daily, monthly or yearly rates
  • Take advantage of remote and on-site support staff
  • Full monitoring of IT systems to identify problems before they cause downtimes
  • Access to trained engineers to help with IT administration
  • Convenient online support ticket system
  • Scrutinise network activity to identify bottlenecks and threats
  • Business critical systems can be monitored 24/7
  • Set up and maintenance of business Internet connectivity
  • Coordination of office IT relocations
  • Dedicated account manager available directly

Fixtel is a fully Australian owned and operated service provider. Our response times to support requests are provided at an industry leading speed. This makes sure you always get the help that you need when you need it most. That’s exactly why we have clients working with us for over 25 years.

Call us today to get a full picture of how much you could be saving on operating costs with our managed IT solutions in Perth.


For a complete managed IT service you can also take advantage of specialised services for your entire IT system monitoring and maintenance:

  • Custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to make sure you get the best results
  • Fibre optic connections for high bandwidth connections between multiple sites
  • Design and installation of cabling for new and upgraded offices
  • Installation of IP telephone systems for cheaper phone bills
  • Onsite repair of faulty IT and phone equipment
  • Remote access to your systems through secure VPN connections
  • Support and advice for Cisco networking equipment
  • Installation of wireless access points
  • Cloud data storage and disaster recovery
  • Support for Windows OS and servers including Office 365


With an outsourced remote helpdesk service you can cover all your support needs to ensure:

  • Optimum desktop and laptop performance for maximum productivity
  • Support for all desktop computer issues
  • Monitoring of network traffic to increase performance
  • Protection against hackers through advanced network security
  • Backup systems of critical data
  • Regular monitoring of IT equipment to warn against failures
  • Support tickets and all repairs can be dealt with by one service provider
  • Telephone system maintenance to reduce phone costs


In order to get a one-stop-shop managed setup for all your IT requirements you can also work with us for:

  • Website hosing and domain name registration
  • Fully customised website design and maintenance
  • Consultations on investing in optimum IT equipment
  • Email spam filtering and anti-virus protection
  • Specialised Linux server support
  • Maintenance of servers and upgrade planning
  • Advice on customer relationship management (CRM) systems


For any organisation the availability and effectiveness of an IT support team are the most critical characteristics. These are measured in speed of answering support requests and the number of tickets that can be closed on the first call or response.

This is where Fixtel is an industry leader, and why so many of our clients from Perth, the rest of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have been loyal to us for over 25 years. Our client retention rate is the highest in the country and this is reflected in the numerous testimonials.

Whether you have a small start-up business with 1 desktop unit, or you manage a large multi-site organisation with 50,000 units, your team at Fixtel can provide you with all the managed IT support you need.

To start your path to a more productive and leaner IT organisation, just call and speak to one of our advisers.