Managed IT Service Sydney

Our Managed IT services in Sydney are tailored to your business.


There are numerous challenges that affect small, medium and large organisations alike. Keeping up to date with all the changes while managing IT and telecoms world is one of the most challenging. This is because practically every day there are new system updates and threats from viruses and hackers.

While Sydney is a global economic hub for enterprise and trade, it is also one of the most expensive places to do business. That is the case whether you’re based in the Central Business District, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore or Greater Western Sydney. The costs of hiring, training and providing office space for dedicated support staff is huge. Add to that paying for salaries, holidays, sick pay and superannuation, and you’re faced with a very expensive operation.

If your business cannot afford the costs or difficulty of running a dedicated support team, then Fixtel can provide you with the ideal solution. Modern technology makes it possible to have location independent support services with no reduction in effectiveness. With our growing team of dedicated managed IT support staff, you can provide your organisation with all the IT services it needs. Support tickets can be opened online or by phone, making it feel like you’re contacting an in-house team.


The good news is that you can outsource as much of your IT support as you need. All with the benefits of:

  • IT Management costs can be fixed at hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly rates
  • Both remote and onsite support solutions are available
  • Individualised Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Administration of all IT systems with engineering support
  • Regular systems monitoring and maintenance
  • Online system for support ticket tracking
  • Round the clock monitoring solutions available
  • IT Network monitoring for proactive problem solving
  • Moving of all IT and phone systems to new locations
  • In person contact with your dedicated IT manager
  • Broadband internet service setup and monitoring

You will have the confidence that comes from partnering with an Australian owned and based IT Management leader. We deliver industry leading response times and constantly work towards a first call issue resolution. This attention to customer satisfaction has created many client relationships that have lasted for over 25 years.

Call us today to find out how we can help you become a leaner and more profitable organisation.


Desktop support is only one operational aspect of your IT systems. With Fixtel, you will also be able to take advantage of first class IT solutions for:

  • High-speed business ADSL Internet access
  • Fibre optic connections for linking multiple locations
  • Planning and installation of network cabling
  • Reduced phone bills with fully integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) telecoms
  • Onsite repairs of network hardware
  • Secure remote access through VPN configurations
  • Advice on the latest Cisco equipment
  • Wireless access points to create highly flexible work environment
  • Cloud based data storage and disaster recovery protections
  • Full support of Windows operating systems and Office 365


Your outsourced team of IT helpdesk staff will give you great freedom and flexibility:

  • Desktop system support for all IT issues
  • Improving computer performance to maximise productivity
  • Monitoring of network issues to isolate performance and security problems
  • Secured networks against internal and external attacks
  • Automated backup systems for protection against loss of valuable data
  • Regular maintenance to actively avoid hardware failures
  • Regular system checks to ensure all software is up to date
  • Monitoring of telephone systems to ensure optimum communication
  • All support requests are handled by one organisation providing an efficient process
  • Unified support services for entire enterprise communications


When you use a Managed IT service in Sydney, it has to be reliable and effective. There is no point choosing a service provider that is difficult to contact. Especially when you have critical IT problems.

When you set up an IT support contract with Fixtel you will be able to make sure that you have prompt 24/7 IT support. Our trained and experienced staff resolve the majority of issues on the first call. And when issues have to be escalated we have processes in place to ensure the fastest possible resolutions.

Because Fixtel provides all services covering helpdesk support to system repair and maintenance you won’t end up being sent from one service provider to another. You only have to contact one company, knowing that you don’t have to coordinate complicated solutions yourself.

As an Australian owned and operated company, we provide managed IT services to businesses of all sizes across Sydney, all of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. If you have anywhere between 1 and 50,000 desktop units in operation, then we are the best solution you can choose.

Contact us today to see how you can make your IT budget stretch further and still have the perception of an in-house support team.


To help you get a fully optimised one-stop-shop solution for all your IT requirements, you can also include services like:

  • Website hosting and domain registration
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus monitoring to avoid system failures
  • Advice on computer investments to help you optimise your setup
  • Server expansion consultations to help you spend your budget wisely
  • Support for specialised Linux servers
  • Full web design including front and backend programming
  • Customer Relationship Management tools for better client experience