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Network Alarm Monitoring

Network Alarm Monitoring

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly more common and can cause crippling disruptions to businesses of all sizes. With criminal organisations investing millions in state-of-the-art technology, it has never been more important to remain vigilant when it comes to your IT assets.

While virus and malware detection can prevent some common issues, they will be ineffective in the majority of hacking incidences and actual hardware failures. Fortunately, there are several network alarm monitoring solutions available that will keep a close eye on all suspicious activity, as well as hardware and software issues.

What Is Network Alarm Monitoring?

Similar to alarms that monitor physical intrusion into your home or businesses premises, network alarm monitors check for signs of failure or intrusion to your network connections and devices. Unlike with your home alarm system, not everything that a network alarm detects has to trigger immediate responses. The great thing with these systems is that they can identify issues in a whole host of different categories and severities to always make sure the right actions are prioritised.

Such events can include minor performance delays on a router, signs of hardware failure on servers, as well as attempts at gaining unauthorised access to your network or systems.

Gain A Full Picture Of All Your Network Assets

Before you can actually start monitoring for signs of failure or intrusion, you have to gain a full picture of all your network connected assets. This may seem like an obvious and simple task, but as businesses grow and age, it can become very common for obsolete equipment to remain connected. These are often the weakest links in your network, and can very easily be taken advantage of to gain access to your network.

With the solutions we recommend, you will be able to scan an entire network for everything possibly connected and then take steps to identify potential problems.

Locate Vulnerabilities

Once you have a full map of everything possibly connected to the network, you can start by analysing how much of a threat they pose to your security and effectiveness. Because your systems are only as secure as the weakest point of entry, you have to make sure that you eliminate the biggest threats. In many cases, this exercise highlights equipment that really should no longer be in use, or at least isolate and update security technology to avoid it becoming an easy access point for hackers.

Detect Failures As Soon As They Happen

When faults happen in your network systems, this will not only lead to inconveniences, but with phone systems relying on your network and Internet connection, you can completely lose contact between offices, vendors, and customers. That’s why any type of fault or intrusion requires the fastest possible response times to limit disruptions to your business that could severely hit your bottom line and reputation.

Network alarm systems are fully customizable to allow you to set priorities to have all types of notifications go out to your support staff or service provider. As soon as a problem is detected, you’ll be in a position to act.

Identify Intrusion Attempts For Effective Security

Hackers and cybercriminals will take every possible action to identify your weakest points. This no longer requires manual processes but can be fully automated on sophisticated hardware systems. This means that within just a few seconds, you could see significant attacks to gain access to your network and confidential data. Being able to identify such attempts as soon as they happen will allow you to take preventative steps to reduce the chance of hackers becoming successful.

Learn From Previous Issues

Network monitoring systems have become so advanced that they use artificial learning technology to be able to identify symptoms that led to previous faults and intrusion attempts. Because these systems are constantly monitoring and measuring hardware performance, bandwidth speed and usage, as well as connection issues, a huge amount of data is processed and stored to analyse and compare to real-time measurements in the future.

If or when such symptoms reoccur, then early warning signs can be raised to take more proactive and preventative actions. This is one of the best ways to keep your most critical IT assets safe and working at optimum performance levels.

Take Advantage Of Fixtel’s Network Monitoring Experience

Our team of network engineers and technicians has experience with planning and implementing small- and large-scale network alarm solutions.
Whether you have a small office with highly sensitive data, or you have a large corporate infrastructure that requires maximum security, our team has the expertise and experience to help you implement these systems.

Pick up the phone today and speak with one of our advisers to find out how quickly and effectively you could be adding extra layers of network protection.
The added peace of mind will allow you to focus on running and growing your business without the constant worry and distraction of network failures.

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