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No matter where you go in the world, the most dominant business phone system you will see in small and multi-national companies is: Avaya. The trusted brand provides some of the largest corporations with quality of service, security and reliability. Three things no business can do without.


The great thing about Avaya is that they have solutions for small offices as well as organisations with a multi-site strategy. To get you the best solution for your needs you need to partner with an experienced telecoms service provider like Fixtel.

Our team of engineers and technicians has more than 25 years of experience dealing with companies of all sizes. We deal with everything from large corporations to small start-ups to make sure that their phone systems are working at their best. As Australia’s number 1 service provider your Adelaide based company should take advantage of those expertise.

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Having a reliable support team for your communication systems is a vital part of reducing risks. Every piece of technical equipment can malfunction or break down.

And when that happens you want to be able to reduce the risk of downtime to a minimum.

Because Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s largest companies you can take advantage of Fixtel’s dedicated support team. We are based locally in order to make onsite callouts when it is necessary.

With a fast response time, it’s like having your own in-house team. No matter how simple or complex your setup is, we’ll be able to help you get up and running again.

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When things do go wrong with phone systems you have to be able to rely on a team of technicians that can quickly identify the problem and fix it. You don’t want to worry about how much downtime you will have.

Fixtel’s team of phone technicians have vast experiences with all types of systems. No matter what your current setup is you can trust that we will have the experience from 25 years in the industry.

And when your business is heavily dependent on voice communication then that can quickly become a major problem.

This will give you the confidence that any downtime will be kept to a minimum and that your critical business equipment is restored to full functionality.

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