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Avaya Ballarat - Business Phone System Installation

Avaya is used by companies of all industries and sizes and is the leading business telephone system across Australia. This is in part due to its advanced security and quality performance. Avaya is often chosen by businesses in the corporate sector because it limits downtime from phone system crashes. They can avoid lost revenue and downtime but also maintain a great phone system reputation. Avaya performs to a high level and has so many function features that work on many levels for a business.

Ballarat Avaya Service Providers

Fixtel are telecom specialists with over 25 years experience. Our company is the leading Avaya service provider in Australia. We specialise in installation for regional businesses. Ballarat is one of our main regional service areas and we partner with many large and small Ballarat businesses. Assisting them with the planning, installation and repair of Avaya technology. Fixtel can work with companies larger in size and needing complex private branch exchanges (PBX) to connect to multiple sites. Conversely if you run a small business and require phone desks, Fixtel can determine the right installation plan.

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Avaya Support

Today's technology and internet advancements has brought many changes to business phone systems. For example our team can easily interlink various locations from all around the country.

Today a business does spend more on phone system setup but the running costs now are much lower. Communication costs are also much less and this is pertinent especially to regional businesses.

Fixtel has a support team dedicated to the Ballarat region. We can remotely diagnose your Avaya phone system and fix either on site or remotely. Whichever is required.

As we are located in Ballarat we can get to your business quickly. Reducing any downtime.

Ballarat Phone Support

Avaya Telephone System Designs

Avaya invests millions into its research and design and as such the external design and features have vastly improved. One of the benefits from this means you do not have to upgrade your Avaya phone model every few years like smartphones. Saving your business a lot of money. You can select from 16 current Avaya models.

At some stage your business may require an upgrade or to add new Avaya phones to older models. When adding new phones to existing Avaya equipment it is crucial to install them correctly so they all connect and interact. All Fixtel technicians know the systems back to front and are continuously trained on the newer models. One of our technicians main duties is to keep new and old technology running without issues.

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Avaya IP Office Phone System - Ballarat Region

It was not uncommon in older days of business for offices to use hundreds of outside phone lines, creating huge ongoing phone bills. Now with internet solutions and data advancements businesses no longer need hundreds of phone lines. This is due to the fact that the same communications protocol that transfers data now also transfer voice calls.

Fixtel can install Avaya phone systems that transfer voice calls between national and international offices, in addition to clients and suppliers. Communication costs of businesses are now very low

It is very important though to set up and match the right technology to your business needs. Speak to Fixtel if you are thinking of a new Office phone system or looking to save money on communication costs.

Ballarat Avaya Technicians

Ballarat Avaya Technicians

Fixtel has a permanent Ballarat technician team. We know technical issues with your business telephone systems affect every aspect of your day to day running. Not to mention can cost money in downtime and repairs. Fixtel technicians work as an extension to your business.

We want to fix the issue immediately and make sure it does not happen again. Our technicians respond immediately to support requests, identifying any underlying problems and get the system back up asap.

The support request can often be fixed remotely which provides instant support and help.

One of the top reasons we are Ballarat's leading Avaya technician support team is because we are local. Meaning we are quick to arrive onsite if needed. It means a short turnaround time and less costly downtime for your business.  

Avaya Maintenance And Repairs

Routine monitoring will keep your business telephone systems running smoothly. If you do not conduct maintenance and repairs on your Avaya phones then they may fail from a preventable fault. Causing unnecessary expense and downtime. Fixtel can perform maintenance and repairs remotely meaning no disruption to your business.

Fixtel’s Avaya Maintenance and repair Ballarat team work in partnership with your business. This service is very popular with businesses that do not have inhouse technician teams, or businesses wanting to save on running costs. Our team makes small tweaks and repairs in the background that avoids the system breaking down.  And in the event of a system failure we can remotely or onsite fix the issue quickly.

Avaya Installations - Ballarat Businesses

If your business is relocating or new and setting up an office, or even expanding, you need to plan your communication setup correctly. It is very costly to try and fix any mistakes if your setup is installed incorrectly. This is usually because communication equipment like cables need to be installed first. So if you need to access cables that have been installed wrongly it is not only disruptive but very costly.

Fixtel have been advising and performing Avaya Installations for over 25 years. Our experience helps your business save money with the right advice on your phone system and the right Avaya installation planning. Fixtel works with businesses small, medium and large. We can help you through the planning and installation phase. Not only do we provide best practice installation to your business but we bring years of experience and knowledge.

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