Avaya Service Cairns


Fixtel is an Avaya partner specialising in business phone systems, for both small and large-sized businesses of all industries. From installing complex PBX (private branch networks) to upgrading Avaya desk phones, our Avaya technicians will find the best solutions for your business.

If you require ongoing technical support and system maintenance our Avaya Cairns team at Fixtel will discuss budgets, service levels and business goals to get the maximum performance from the phone system.

Contact Fixtel for a full range of Avaya phones and hosted systems.


As an Avaya partner, we have the latest Avaya handsets and IP phones. We can match upgraded phones to existing phones or upgrade the whole office.

For businesses wanting to switch to Avaya IP cloud phones to utilize softphones and internet calling speak to us to discover how 5G for business comes in to play.

The Avaya desk phone range has a phone for every business and role. From executive-level phones to basic call only phones. The Fixtel Avaya sales and installation team can find the right solution to meet your businesses service levels and budgets.


Does your business want to take advantage of the internet and 5G technology which provides a much lower ongoing communication cost? SIP and VoIP phones give your business mobility, worldwide reach and executive functions like video conference calls and intstant chat/messaging. Softphone systems operating with or without handsets work across multiple roles and for varied business functions.

Fixtel has been a preferred Avaya partner for over 25 years and whatever your business needs we can help.


Our Avaya Cairns team can provide onsite and remote technical support. After sales and installation, support for your Avaya SIP or VoIP system is needed to keep on top of any issues or upgrades. Remote support is a common business package for our Cairns clients. This is because you can lodge tickets and have urgent tickets addressed immediately. Preventing downtime is the number one priority for our Avaya technicians and support team. As an Avaya partner, we have priority to all new products, updates and upgrades. Your business will get inside access to gain a competitive advantage with Fixtel.

Plus we have Avaya trained Fixtel technicians located in Cairns so we also call out to your offices at short notice if needed. This reduces the turnaround time and means that you have far less risk of downtime.


Installation planning and completion of communication equipment is an important step. Especially for businesses switching over as reducing or eliminating any downtime is vital. The best start is choosing Avaya as your phone system and the next best choice is making sure you have Fixtel to make sure the technology is set up and installed correctly. If it is not planned or installed correctly problems will occur; either immediately or eventually. Resulting in costs that could have been avoided with choosing the best Avaya provider – Fixtel.