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For businesses worldwide, there is one office phone system that stands out as the most reliable, secure and with the highest quality of service: Avaya. Everything from small start-ups to large multinational corporations trust their equipment with one of the most important communications systems.


No matter how large your business organisation is, there is a suitable Avaya solution for you. That could be a range of private branch exchanges (PBX), or just a very simple desk phone and conferencing system. But to get the best possible implementation you need to hire technicians that have experience with systems of all sizes.

Fixtel’s team have over 25 years of experience with planning, installation and maintenance of phone systems in every possible size and complexity possible. By dealing with Australia’s leading phone service company you can make sure that your business in Canberra has the most effective solutions possible.

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Large businesses will often have their own phone and network support teams. But even those teams sometimes rely on experienced specialists for problems and large scale expansions.

At the same time, smaller businesses don’t have the luxury to have in-house staff to take care of that support role.

For both situations, Fixtel has become the go to provider for dedicated support teams to Canberra businesses. Having such a team on standby for any support issues you encounter is the best way to ensure that you don’t suffer outages for long periods of time.

No matter what your problems is, we can diagnose and fix it for you in the shortest possible time.

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Avaya have been providing telecoms systems since 2000, and this has resulted in hundreds of different front and back end equipment. Because of the quality of their products, many of the older devices are still in use and working perfectly fine.

However, they can cause difficulty when it comes to system expansion as old and new technology have to be carefully integrated. Not planning this correctly can result in problems later on. With Fixtel’s team you have the confidence that comes with 25 years of experience, which means whatever you have installed, we will have encountered it.

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The last 20 years have resulted in huge changes to office phone technology thanks to the Internet. The same technology that helps transfer website data was adapted to transfer digitalised voice data.

While this has increased the amount and complexity of phone technology, it has come with very significant business benefits. Connecting multiple office locations or with clients and vendors is now so much cheaper than it ever has been. Long distance and international call rates no longer cause huge spikes on phone bills.

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No matter how good your phone system is, just like with computers things can go wrong. This can be a software glitch or a physical fault with some equipment. Either way, it is vital that the problem is quickly identified, isolated and fixed.

Otherwise you could see long communications downtimes.

With Fixtel’s team of technicians on standby you can have the peace of mind that no matter what your problem is, it will be fixed as quickly as possible.

No matter how simple or complex your implementation is, our 25 years of experience has helped us create fast response times and processes.

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One of the most important aspects of setting up a new or expanding an existing office in Canberra is to get the network and phone solutions right. Choosing the right hardware provider is just one part of the problem though.

If you don’t also have an experienced team of specialists who can plan and execute the installation, then you can quickly run into reliability issues. With Fixtel’s experience with all business sizes and industries we can provide you with the best possible advice on what you do and don’t need.

This is the best way to avoid over engineered expensive solutions as well as equipment that doesn’t satisfy all your business needs.

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Just like with your house and car, regular maintenance and repairs have to be done on your phone systems. A lot of this can be done through remote monitoring which can identify potential problems before they even become an issue.

When faults do occur your Fixtel team can quickly respond and if necessary make arrangements for an onsite visit to repair faulty equipment. It’s the next best thing to having a dedicated team in-house.

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