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Business phone systems are critical parts of the majority of modern businesses. Whether that’s a small start-up business or an established multi-national corporation. And when it comes to integrated telephone systems there is one industry leading name: Avaya.


For large organisations, such phone systems will include an in-house private branch exchange (PBX) and hundreds of desk phones. Small companies probably only need a few desk phones and maybe a small conference facility. In either case, you have to be able to trust the systems you are installing just as much as you trust the people who provide the installation services. Fixtel is a leading name in Australia when it comes to corporate phone systems and we provide full service capabilities to businesses of all size in the Gold Coast.

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Once you have your system up and running it is vital that you have support staff on hand to make updates, upgrades and troubleshoot issues. Not all organisations can justify hiring specialist technicians. In that case, it’s ideal for you to partner with Fixtel to take over those support services.

With the economic growth in the Gold Coast there has been increasing demand for such services. And our locally based team has grown in size and experience as a result. If you need the peace of mind and trust that telecoms issues are resolved fast and effectively, then Fixtel should be your one-stop-shop.


As an industry leading business telephone provider Avaya have a huge range of desk and wireless phones as well as many different types of conferencing technology. Because of their proven track record and quality of products most of the installed equipment will last many years and even decades. This provides challenges for business expansion where it is vital that your older and new technology remain compatible. Because Fixtel’s team have over 25 years of experience we have literally encountered all the devices you could possibly have running. That means we know how to upgrade and integrate all your systems without causing complex issues.

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The Internet has made the world a smaller place and the technology it runs on means that information is available anywhere. That same technology has long been used to vastly reduce the cost of making voice connections to anywhere in the world. For large organisations, this means that calls between different offices no longer come with long distance costs. There might be more complex technology, but the cost of maintaining a high-tech phone system is small compared to what companies used to pay for making phone calls to colleagues and customers. IP office phones are now a standard technology and they provide exceptional quality of service along with great flexibility.

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Being able to call on experienced technicians for any type phone related work is something that will give you peace of mind. Even the most robust and reliable technology can become troublesome and when that happens you want a reliable Avaya technician to be on your speed dial list.

For many Gold Coast based businesses that means partnering with Fixtel to ensure that the most qualified people are available. Our track record of response time and speed of fixes is second to none.

Whether that is for a remote fix or on onsite visit, you will be able to rely on exceptional service levels.

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Being able to call on dedicated staff when things go wrong is a great idea for all types of organisations. But for most, having that team of telecoms specialists on site is just not a viable option. Instead, you should look to Fixtel to provide you with a maintenance team to call on when you need them. It’s like having your own staff, as we can provide you with fast turnaround times no matter what your issue is. Needing security updates or fixing faulty equipment is something that should not cause your business to come to a standstill.

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No matter what business phone system your Gold Coast business is using. The team at Fixtel can assist you with the simplest of tasks to the hardest situations. We provide support for ALL business phone systems. Get in touch today and find out how we can improve your business workflow.

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