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Hobart is home to businesses of all sizes and many of them are part of large multinational corporations. One thing none of these businesses can do without is telecommunications, and that’s where one provider is the most trusted: Avaya. That trust has been gained through years of producing reliable, secure and quality equipment.


With solutions for companies of all sizes, you won’t struggle to find the right one for you. Whether that is a private branch exchange (PBX) for a huge office, or just some simple desk and conference systems. Finding the right fit for your offices is best achieved by getting advice from one of Australia’s leading telephone service providers.

Fixtel has over 25 years of experience working with organisations of all sizes in Hobart. No matter how simple or complex your installation is, we have the team to help you through the process from start to finish.

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In an ideal world, you would hire your own Avaya support staff. For large businesses that is a must have team of staff. But smaller companies cannot justify that kind of expense.

By teaming up with Fixtel’s support engineers you essentially have specialists on standby to call on for any systems issues you have.

It’s like having your own in-house team without the expense. This also allows you to focus on building your business, rather than worrying about your telecoms.

We can provide fast response times to any Hobart based offices and always work to resolve issues as quickly as possible to reduce your risk of losing business.

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Avaya currently have 16 types of phones and conferencing equipment, but there have been hundreds more over the past 17 years. Many of these devices are still in operation and they work perfectly fine. As long as they are maintained and carefully integrated with newer solutions.

Keeping old and new devices working together requires the expertise that come with 25 years of working with all of the products that have been released. That is exactly what you get from working with Fixtel. And as a result, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues causing business disruptions.

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When the Internet first started taking off, it was not realised how powerful the technology was. The same protocol that transfer website data to your computer, has been adapted to help transmit digital voice communications. With the vast expansion of the Internet, this has become an extremely cheap way for staff in different locations to communicate with each other and clients.

Cost savings from investing in high tech Avaya systems are huge compared the phone bills that can mount with long distance and international call charges.

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Worrying about what will happen when phone systems fail is not a good way to focus on your business.

Instead, you want to have the reassurance that comes with having a team of technicians available to call on when you have a problem.

At Fixtel we provide exactly that peace of mind to hundreds of small and large companies. No matter what your problem is, our 25 years of experience will ensure that it’s identified quickly and resolved effectively.

With as little downtime as possible your staff will be able to continue their work.

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Expanding or opening a new office in Hobart is something we have helped many business owners successfully achieve. By hiring us at an early stage you can make sure that all the necessary planning for cabling and networking is correctly in place.

Modern telephone systems are heavily reliant on an efficiently implemented infrastructure to avoid any unnecessary complications in the future. Fixtel’s team of experts can provide you with all the planning to ensure that future expansion and modification can be done without any major problems.

As a result, you will always have the best possible set up that avoids installations that exceed your needs and result in unnecessary overheads.

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To make sure all your telecoms devices are working as efficiently as possibly they need regular monitoring and maintenance. This is just like you would do with your car or other machinery. A small regular investment can prolong system lifetimes and reduce the risk of downtime.

When faults do occur you also want to have technicians available at short notice that are familiar with your equipment. This speeds up troubleshooting and diagnosing problems and ultimately leads to faster repairs. With over 25 years of experience your Fixtel team will have you covered for all eventualities.

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