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Business Phone System Installation And Maintenance

Businesses of all sizes across Australia trust one telephone system provider more than any other: Avaya. Reliable high quality service and advanced security are among just a few reasons the corporate world prefers Avaya to take care of one of the most important business assets.

Avaya Service Providers In Melbourne

Large businesses are likely to need complex private branch exchanges (PBX) to connect multiple sites. While small companies need little more than a few desk phones. In either situation, the right setup is vitally important to your company’s success. Fixtel’s team of telecoms specialists has more than 25 years of experience with all sizes of phone systems. As Australia’s leading Avaya service provider, we can provide you with all the planning, installation and repair services for your business in Melbourne.

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Avaya Support In Melbourne


Avaya Support

Advances in Internet technology have brought about huge changes to the way company phone systems interact. It’s now possible to easily interlink multiple locations from one end of the country to the other. While this requires some advanced technology the cost savings to your communications expenses are huge.

With some of the largest Australian companies located in Melbourne these advances in telecoms systems have brought about increased demand for telephone system support. Our team at Fixtel is able to respond to all support requests in Melbourne and deal with problems fast and effectively.

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Avaya Telephones

While you have 16 different Avaya phones available at present there have been dozens more over the years. Not only has the external design changed. But their features have hugely improved. This doesn’t mean you need to upgrade every other year as many do with smartphones.

However, when it comes to upgrading and expanding systems with older devices, great care has to be taken to ensure they can all still interact as normal. Our technicians at Fixtel have over 25 years of experience. This means that you can have the confidence that we understand your devices and are able to keep new and old technology running smoothly.

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Avaya IP Office Phone System

40 years ago, large companies had to have hundreds of outside phone lines in order to make sure every desk had a phone. Over the years that has changed a lot. And nothing has advanced that change more than the Internet.

The same communications protocols that transfers data now also transfers voice calls. This can be between national and international offices, as well as connections to customers and suppliers.

The result of this has been hugely reduced communication costs as large phone bills for long distance calls are essentially a thing of the past. Businesses might have a lot more technology to get set up. But once it’s running it saves a fortune.

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Avaya Technicians In Melbourne

When you end up with technical problems in your phone system, they have to be solved fast. And you want to be sure that the issue won’t happen again. At Fixtel we have a team of technical staff in Melbourne who are able to respond to support requests immediately, to identify the underlying issue.

Many problems can be diagnosed and fixed remotely. Because we have technicians on location we can also call out to your offices at short notice if needed. This reduces the turnaround time and means that you have far less risk of downtime.

Avaya Technician Melbourne

Avaya Installations For Melbourne Businesses

Along with office furniture, communications equipment is one of the first things to be installed in new offices. It is a vital part of planning the entire setup of your work environment. And many parts of the phone system have to be installed before the furniture goes in.

Choosing Avaya as your telecoms technology is a smart move that many of the world’s largest companies make. But just choosing the right technology is only half the battle. If it isn’t planned and installed correctly you can run into many problems down the line.

To help you through that planning and installation phase you have to partner with a reliable team that has years of experience with businesses of all sizes and industries. And that is exactly what you get With Fixtel.

Avaya Maintenance And Repairs

Keeping a phone system running smoothly and securely requires regular monitoring and tweaking. When devices fail, they have to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any major disruptions.

This task of monitoring and responding to phone system issues requires a dedicated team. But if you don’t have the scope to hire an in-house team then Fixtel is the best possible solution. We have over 25 years of experience dealing with small, medium and large companies, to help them keep their communications channel running as smoothly as possible.