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For businesses all over the world there is one dominant choice when it comes to telephone systems: Avaya. Through decades of experience with some of the largest companies in the world, they have become known for their quality of service. Security and reliability. Benefits you simply cannot afford to be without.


Companies of different sizes have very different needs when it comes to their phones. Large organisations will likely need an integrated private branch exchange (PBX). A small start-up will probably just need a few desk and conference phones. In both situations, you want to make sure you hire a service provider with extensive experience with both kinds of setup. With 25 years’ of experience Fixtel has a team of technicians and advisors that can plan and install the perfect system for your needs and budget. As the leading business telecoms installer in Australia you cannot go wrong.

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The way business telephone systems work and connect has hugely changed since the dawn of the Internet. These changes have brought massive improvements and far lower operating costs. As Perth is home to some of Australia’s largest businesses, there is increasing demand for high-tech telecoms support. With the increase in demand for this support our team in Perth has drastically grown.

The increased workload has meant that we have encountered all sorts of common issues. As well as the rare and complex ones. Whether your business has a small or large phone system, you can take advantage of our team’s experience to ensure any problems are fixed fast.


Over the years, Avaya have sold hundreds of different phone systems. Everything from wireless to desk phones, as well as specialty conferencing systems. As your business has grown, chances are that your phone system has expanded around older technology wherever this made sense. This makes upgrades and maintenance a lot more complex, as old and new technology has to still be able to interact. Because our team at Fixtel has more than 25 years of experience, the chances are that whatever you are currently using, we have dealt with it over the years.

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Internet technology has allowed for huge changes to take place in the way companies connect different offices and interact with clients. Behind all this is the Internet Protocol that is used every time you load a website or check your mail. This same technology can also be used to transfer voice data over your internet connection. As a result, you can enjoy far lower voice and video communications costs. This is mainly due to the fact that large bills for international calls have pretty much disappeared. While the amount of equipment and the technology has increased, your operating costs have decreased.

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Whether you have a small or large scale system, or you are just looking at upgrading and improving your existing phones, there is one important factor to consider. How reliable are the technicians you hire, and how quickly can they make fixes and updates to reduce any impact to your operations? The Fixtel team of phone technicians are experts in all types of systems, no matter how simple or complex. Our staff are able to work remotely when possible to speed up the turnaround time. But when onsite fixes are needed, then they are able to get to you fast to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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When it comes to regular maintenance, updates and repairs you have to be able to rely on your provider. Communications problems have to be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid unwanted downtime. And keeping an eye on security in today’s world of cyber-crime is equally important. Keeping on top of this when there is a mix of old and new phone technology is a challenge at the best of times. So, you always want to partner with a company that has the experience to deal with all types of technical issues. That is what our teams at Fixtel do on a daily basis for companies across the country.

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Setting up a new office or business in Perth is a challenging time. Communications is one of the first pieces of technology to be installed so that your staff can communicate efficiently with each other and clients.

With so many of the largest companies in the world operating with Avaya telephone systems, you can be sure that you are getting an excellent solution. But if that system is not set up correctly from the start, then you can be haunted by many complex problems. The team at our Perth Fixtel office have the expertise to plan and execute all types of installations, no matter how large or small your business is.

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