Avaya Service Wagga Wagga


Avaya business phone systems are the preferred choice by most companies. Trusted to perform efficiently across small, medium and large businesses, the Avaya telephone system is the leading system in Australia. It has high security features and performance designed to enhance business functions. Another benefit of choosing Avaya is compared to other telecommunication systems, Avaya has less breakdowns or issues that cause downtime. Fixtel is the leading Avaya installer with over 25 years of experience. Our technicians and support team have worked with Wagga Wagga businesses for many years. Whether your business operates with just a few desk phones or 50,000 desktop phones, at Fixtel we can help.


Avaya is a leading telecom company due to the millions it invests in research and development. They develop phone models with business features and designs that help your day to day communications run effectively. The phones are so well designed that unlike constant upgrades needed for smartphones, Avaya phone models last a long time. They can also be integrated with older models.


Fixtel is Australian owned and operated. We have serviced regional areas as long as we have operated – over 25 years. Our Wagga Wagga team know what functions and needs a regional business has. Depending on your requirements our Fixtel technicians can plan, install and repair Avaya technology. Our services take care of all business sizes and industries whether its a few desk phones or complex private branch exchanges (PBX) to connect to multiple sites.


Technology advancements have brought great change to businesses in the internet and communication areas. Today’s communication costs are much lower for day to day activity. Whilst setup cost is more than before it is more than recouped in the cheaper running costs. Businesses can be located over different national and international sites yet be interlinked by communication as if they were in the one location. Having the right support to keep your Avaya telephone system running at peak performance is vital.

Fixtels support team offers the following:

  • Phone support costs fixed at hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly rates
  • Remote and onsite support solutions
  • Individualised Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Administration of all Avaya systems along with engineering support
  • Regular phone systems monitoring and maintenance to prevent downtime
  • Online system for support ticket tracking – real time response
  • Round the clock monitoring solutions available
  • Moving of all phone systems to new locations

As long as you have an experienced technician team like Fixtel completing the job. All of our technicians are trained continuously and up to date with any new Avaya models or updates.To ensure you select the right telephone model that suits your business speak to us and get advice. We will take into account your budget, both for purchase and ongoing support and your business communication needs.

Contact us today for Avaya phone model advice


Phone systems have come a long way from years ago and made huge advancements with internet and data communication growth. No longer does a business need hundreds of phone lines that cause costly phone bills. The same technology that internet and data operate on, voice calls now use.

This means no need for hundreds of phone lines, now voice calls can transfer easily between national and international locations, and of course clients.

It is important to get the right Avaya office phone system that will work for your business. With over 25 years in the industry we have advised many different businesses both large and small on what will work for them. If you are looking for a new Avaya telecommunication system speak to Fixtel and get the best advice.


Technical problems with your phone system may cause downtime which effects your bottom line and reputation. Fixtel are the leading Avaya technicians and we will respond to any issue immediately. Our Wagga Wagga Fixtel team monitor support tickets and will diagnose remotely and in most situations be able to fix remotely. This means little disruption to your business.

Another important aspect is to understand why and how the issue occured, this identifies any underlying issue, preventing repeat breakdowns. Our team can be onsite quickly if the issue needs to fixed at your location. Our helpdesk responds to all requests immediately which means any downtime is kept to a minimum.


If you are planning on a relocation or new business setup then planning of your communications equipment is important. Make the smart move and speak to us for all of your installation needs. If installed wrongly Avaya phones can breakdown and it can be very costly to fix installation after it is done. This is because cables and ports are often installed before carpets and stud walls. If any cables need to be reinstalled this can not only be expensive but also very disruptive. Installation is a core service of Fixtel. Our technicians take into account the overall picture of your installation requirements.

  • Size of space and office layout
  • Number of phone (1 to 50,000 desktop capability)
  • Day to day communication needs
  • Avaya model design
  • Business type/industry
  • Future planning

In choosing Avaya you have the best office phone system, make sure you get the best Avaya Installer by choosing Fixtel.


If your business does not have a dedicated tech team – then our service is the best solution. We will provide regular monitoring and maintenance of your Avaya phone system. This will reduce preventable breakdowns and issues that greatly affect the day to day operations.

Our team performs remote monitoring, and repairs. Because this is done via a remote system your business will work as normal, as we work in the background. Do not spend on setup costs and make the mistake of not spending a small amount for regular maintenance and repairs of your Avaya system. In the end this will cost you more in avoidable breakdowns.

Fixtel’s Avaya Maintenance and repair Wagga Wagga team keeps your Avaya telephone system working at peak performance.