Your Guide To Mobile Boosters by Fixtel

Your Guide To Mobile Boosters by Fixtel

Mobile phone signal strength is integral to any apartment development or office building development. In existing buildings, mobile phone reception is a tangible asset and will deter business tenants for office buildings and for apartment buildings it deters renters plus buyers. You can improve the mobile reception and strength with mobile booster technology. 

There are a lot of websites online selling mobile signal boosters and repeaters to try and amplify your signal however, most of those products will most likely be illegal to use within Australia.

So which one should you be using? While they do the same job, mobile phone boosters and mobile phone repeaters are a bit different in the way they amplify your signal.

Mobile Phone Booster

Mobile phone boosters are powered radio frequency amplifiers that need to be physically connected to the phone or mobile data device with a cable in order for it to function. It has 2 ports – one to connect to the mobile device and the other for the external antenna. There must be an existing signal for the device to amplify, otherwise, it will not work.

Some signal boosters are banned for sale or use in Australia. This is because of the inability of mobile signal boosters to adjust their transmission power. They can overload nearby base stations causing them to be ‘blinded’ and lower their own transmission power. This can disrupt services for other users in those areas and could possibly restrict their access to emergency call services. Fixtel has Australian Approved Telstra Mobile Signal Boosters.

Mobile Phone Repeaters

A repeater is a fixed radio communication device that is designed to wirelessly replicate a mobile signal. It improves the reliability of a mobile service in a poor signal area by grabbing the outdoor signal, boosting it up and then rebroadcasting it indoors. 

Mobile phone repeaters can be used in Australia but only if you have been granted authorisation from the carrier. The authorisation is usually granted only to suppliers of commercial-grade equipment which are usually for corporate use. It is commonly used by the carriers themselves as part of their ordinary network management.

There is only one legal mobile phone repeater that is available for consumer use and that is the Cel-Fi Smart Repeater. There is no other consumer repeater that has obtained carrier approval in Australia so if you are not using a Cel-Fi Smart Repeater then it is most likely not approved for use. 

Fixtel can supply Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters and have qualified technicians who are authorised to install the product. If you need any help with finding a solution for your poor mobile phone reception, give us a call on 1300 FIXTEL (349 835). 


The Cel-Fi Go is a Telstra approved mobile signal booster that is proven to deliver results. By strategically placing the device and the antennae you can solve the problem of poor mobile connections once and for all. This is the only approved Telstra mobile signal booster available in Australia.


Optus signal booster for its network is now available. If you or your home or business uses the Optus network we can assist your mobile strength with an Optus mobile repeater.


Vodafone has now released a  signal booster for its network. Our team at Fixtel works closely to monitor any new communication technology. As such we regularly contact Vodafone to monitor and keep informed of any developments for a Vodafone mobile signal booster. Contact us about Vodafone signal repeaters now

 How Much Does it Cost to Install?

Our site engineers come to your business and conduct a site audit to determine the best installation of the mobile booster/s. An example of simple Installation and supply for one unit starts at $3,000. Average install with 2 external antennas, 4 internal units working with two carriers installed and using 200 meters of cable with maintenance is around $12,000.

These are two examples – one simple install and one more complicated. So the price could be anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 depending on what is needed. And for larger jobs, the price could be more, with a site inspection and quote we can give exact costs upfront.

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