With professional analysis and thermal imaging technology, with individually activatable apps and specially developed on-top solutions from the worldwide MOBOTIX partner community, the M73 cameras of the innovative MOBOTIX 7 generation are the beginning of a completely new performance and product class. And that’s not all: this MOBOTIX camera will retain its added value for years to come. The hardware and software of the MOBOTIX video systems can be adapted and upgraded at any time for numerous other industry-specific tasks. Always combined with maximum cyber security. Made in Germany.


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Lisa Cooper leverages her expertise as a marketing specialist at Fixtel, a leading telecommunications company based in Australia. She plays a crucial role in promoting a diverse suite of services that the company offers, including Audio Visual, Business Broadband Plans, 5G DAS systems, and WiFi & Microwave Broadband Installations. Lisa's adept marketing skills are instrumental in enhancing the visibility and understanding of these complex offerings in the telecommunications landscape.

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