Phone System Training


If you have a new business phone system in the office, training your employees on the best features is essential. Using business technology communication the right way means your staff makes the most of the features and benefits, which in turn guarantees better results and day to day efficiency. 

The biggest investment a company makes every week is in its staff, are you making the most of the investment you have made? Phone technology has come a long way over the decade, and as we move into a new decade the way we use phones will continue to evolve. Business phone training is essential for companies of all sizes. Fixtel offers same-day training and any ongoing learning required.  You have spent money on great people, you have invested in the best equipment, have you invested in your team using this equipment. Invest in staff learning to make sure your investment results is the best ROI.

The average tenure is 3.2 years someone aged 25-34 will be in a job. How old is your phone system? If it is over 3.5 years it is likely that over half your workforce would have been taught how to use your telephones, not by a professional but one of your team. Which means they are not going to be using more than 10% of the technology. Professional training will increase by 67% the use of equipment you have already invested in.

Whatever the contact-centre software your business works with, we ensure your team has all the training they need to work efficiently.

  • Avaya phone system training
  • Cisco phone system training
  • VoIP phone system training
  • 3cx phone system training 
  • Panasonic phone system training   
  • Grandstream phone system training   
  • Skype for business system training
  • PABX Training


While modern businesses of all sizes understand the importance of their investments in IT and telecommunications, a lot of them fail to maximize their return on investment. Having the latest technology available to support expansion and growth potential is only one piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, where many fall short is in maintaining and improving the knowledge of their own support and operational staff, and that is one critical area where Fixtel can help.

Hosted phones like VoIP have a lot of features and we take the time to understand what features your business and staff will need. Simple questions like is there a call overflow process, do staff need voicemail, after hour calls and executive features needed, will help us in what training your staff will need. When you select your communication systems it will come with training, but Fixtel will target features and benefits of VoIP phones specific to your business, so the coaching is impactful on your business. Being more than just how to perform simple functions like programming voicemail and remote calling.



The key to building successful support teams is providing them with the resources to fully understand current and new system phone functionality. In the rapidly changing world of how data is exchanged, becoming complacent can have disastrous consequences on operational efficiencies. By providing regular refresher training along with targeted education on new features and enhancements, you can make sure that your employees are fully equipped to make full use of all potential systems. Operational costs can be affected by the inefficient use of business phones. Whether its a handset, softphone, PBX or cloud phone, it is up to the user to make the most of the features, and without the right tuition this isn’t possible.


While onsite phone training can be the best option for many complex PBX phones and handset features, this is not an expense that is always required. You can gain great flexibility through a combination of regular webinars, online instructions, as well as detailed and easy to follow user guides. By creating libraries of phone instruction materials, it becomes increasingly easy to keep both existing and new employees fully up to speed about all potential telecoms solutions.

Whether it’s simple instructional videos on how to configure and use all the features of a desk phone, or more extensive contact centre phone coaching, having such support capabilities can prove invaluable to growing organisations. Fixtel works companies of all sizes, ones taking thousands of calls a day to ones under a hundred calls a day. Communication solutions like hold, transferring, adding extensions, speed dials and adding users is covered in manuals and may not need onsite training. More complicated setups like a PBX or VoIP system may require onsite training courses.



The flexibility of both on and offsite training can bring operational improvements to all aspects of your business. By having a collection of training material readily available for simple how-to guides to advanced call centre system management tasks, can significantly free up the amount of time your employees are reliant on other staff for solutions.

And when it comes to more complex systems training, partnering with an experienced training service provider is by far the most effective use of your telecoms investments. Rather than having your own team distracted with training efforts, they can focus on growing your business, while allowing Fixtel to solve for training requirements.


Here at Fixtel, our teams have more than 25 years’ worth of experience dealing with every possible telecoms solution from the smallest start-up to large multinational organisations. Fixtel is Avaya partners and Avaya training by Fixtel is comprehensive and targeted to your business goals. Avaya learning is in-depth and makes the most of your business communication investment. We are knowledgeable in all SIP brands and Cloud brands which have given us the competitive advantage needed to support the most innovative communications technologies, including:


Pick up the phone today and speak with one of Fixtel’s dedicated training advisors about the opportunities you might have to maximise your return on telecoms investments. By coaching your staff to deal with pabx, voip and other phone system issues in-house, you empower them and your business to become more self-reliant and effective.